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Our History


Our Story Begins…

Starting in 1975, Milton-Lloyd began its journey representing other companies sell their perfumery products. Our previous experience and history in the perfumery industry, enabled us to work with them to sell their fragrances in markets all over the world.


Milton-Lloyd began to create perfumes for other companies who wanted their own perfumery collections. Our early creations included Kashmir and Hawaii for UTC. These, today, are still two of our best-selling perfumes. Milton-Lloyd also won the Playboy license. These two brands were in high demand as we expanded our distribution through the Middle East and Asia. 


Milton-Lloyd gained a well-respected reputation for producing fantastic quality perfumery at affordable prices. We added a series of successful and trusted brands – including our own brands of Bondage, America and MLC – and a growing global reach to important markets throughout the Middle East, West Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the UK.


Colour Me was launched

This was a revolutionary creation that made the world of fine fragrance more accessible than ever before – it was our first Eau de Parfum collection. Previously, different brands excelled in different markets but Colour Me was a unanimous success in every market. Wholesale trade was our traditional route to market, but through Colour Me we began to enter modern retail in the Middle East and beyond.


The global demand for Milton-Lloyd perfumery had grown over the last 40 years through word of mouth. Through the Internet, social media and Amazon our valued customers became wonderful ambassadors for our brands online. This decade saw the significant launch of our Perfumer’s Choice. This award-winning collection was our most prestigious and luxurious perfumery brand and became the best-selling fragrance on Amazon UK.


The launch of Essentials

This outstanding collection is the distilled excellence of everything we have learned over the last 50 years. It represents unrivalled value, with exceptional quality at incredibly low prices. Our Story Continues…