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America White Woman

MODERN, FRESH, FRUITY. America White is an elegant, modern perfume for women. Embrace your femininity with bergamot and watermelon, while discovering a daring blend of oakmoss and amber with this distinctive women’s fragrance.

Chypre Fruity fragrance

Top Notes

Watery, Floral

Middle Notes

Rose, Jasmin, Fruity

Base Notes

Woody, Vanilla

Perfumers Notes

An elegant rich modern fruity Chypre fragrance. The fresh top notes of bergamot and watermelon are boosted by a subtly floral accord of pretty jasmine, rose and violet notes. The dry down is a tenacious blend of oakmoss, amber and precious patchouli woods.

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What People Are Saying

Lovely fresh and long lasting, nice anytime of day.

Barbara Muers

50ml PDT




50ml PDT


I bought this fragrance a year ago in the Dubai Airport Duty free shop when I was in transit & it is amazing!!! I absolutely love it, and was wondering where I can get it then I noticed the packaging has the website , so now I will order several bottles online, have it shipped to my sister in London & then she can send it to me all the way in Zim.. Great fragrance!!!


50ml PDT


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How do we do it? We have an uncompromised commitment to prioritising the perfume oil over branding, advertising and packaging. By focusing what goes inside the bottle rather than onto the boxing beyond, Milton-Lloyd are able to work with the world’s leading perfumers, using the finest quality oils at the highest concentrations to create luxury perfumes without the luxury prices...

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