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New York Dolls

FUN, FRUITY AND CHEERFUL. New York Dolls is a fun, fruity women’s fragrance. This playful perfume for women combines sweet peach and apricot with rich musk and wood for a creative long-lasting fragrance.

Floral Fruity fragrance

Top Notes

Citrus, Blackcurrent

Middle Notes

Jasmin, Lilly, Rose

Base Notes

Woody, Amber

Perfumers Notes

A cheerful, fruity fragrance with top notes of peach, apricot and red fruits with a feminine floral heart of rose, jasmin and lily on a rich and tenacious powdery, musky and woody base.

What People Are Saying

wonderful scent! got it as a gift a couple years ago and im glad i got introduced to this.milton lloyd were kind enough to repost this to my new address free of charge after it had gone to my previous address by mistake from me.smell is very fresh and feminine, you will not regret this purchase!




I bought this perfume whilsy i was on holiday in the lake district, although its cheap it is my faveourate perfume. it smells so nice! likea floral fruity smell. they dont sell it anywhere near me so i have to get it off the internet. i really like it honestly it is really nice :)

rebecca boo



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