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America - for Him

America Sport

FRESH, AROMATIC AND MASCULINE. Stay active and stay fresh with America Sport, a classic men’s fragrance. With aromatic citrus top notes over a floral heart, this is the perfect perfume for men looking to smell great from dawn until dusk.

Aromatic Tonic fragrance

Top Notes

Citrus, Aromatic

Middle Notes

Floral, Ozone

Base Notes

Woody, Musk

Perfumers Notes

A fresh aromatic green minty fragrance with a lavender spicy heart on a commercial vetiver woody musky base.

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What People Are Saying

I love it

Amir hesam



This product is really marvels the fragrance and attraction is really so cool, now I am in Pakistan and I want to purchase this item plz guide me from where can I get this item Sport America

M Inam Elahi



Hi, my friend gave me this perfume and trust me.....the girls are going mad......the comments that i got were "it is damn inviting...." or "oh!...this is so kool"...... i dont know why but this perfume turns the females on!!!

Raj Nandia



I have given one of this products as a gift when I was about 17 or 18 and it has been on my mind since. 2 days ago I found the other product of yous, named America!(of course, I bought it immediately without any hesitation) I just thought that it would be the same company's product so I come up with the idea of checking your web page, and what I thought was really true! I am going to purchase this one "America sport" one day! It's hard to guarantee to find one of these products in the shopsof my country,...

Varoojan ...



hi im an iranian girl and i love this product,and i use it all the time thank u for this nice product mahdie 17 iran

mahdiye omidi



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