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UTC - for Her


DELICATE, FLORAL AND REFRESHING. This elegant women’s fragrance offers a refreshing, floral heart with hints of jasmine, rose and white lily. This beautiful combination uplifts the spirit making it the perfect perfume for women.

Floral Carnation fragrance

Top Notes

Floral, Aldehydic

Middle Notes

Fruity, Ozone

Base Notes

Amber, Woody

Perfumers Notes

A refreshing, floral fragrance with top notes of mandarin, freesia and sage blended with middle notes of narcissus, lily of the valley, marigold, jasmine, rose and white lily all beautifully accompanied by base notes of patchouli, amber, musk and sandalwood.

What People Are Saying

great smell,



Beautiful fresh and long lasting :)




Absolutly love this purfume. Everytime I wear it someone always comments on how lovely it is.

Lyn Crooom



futurity is best




I gave my friend a bottle of Futurity after I'd bought it for myself and then changed my mind about it. Then my friend wore it one day and I asked what perfume they were wearing as they smelled so lovely . It was Futurity! I now wear it all the time and think it smells gorgeous. Like your favourite flowers from childhood. My only problem now, is getting hold of it. Most of my local chemists dont sell it. My local one has promised to get it in stock now I've found the details.

prudence Houston



Absoloutly love this perfume,it is really light and fresh,and have had many people say how nice it smells.

sharon glayzer



everybody who i work with has commented on this perume... i have ttwo people wanting me to order them some... i,ve given them this website address...they've raved all day's light and really all you perfume lovers i highly reccomend you give this one a try.....

wendi howieson



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