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Spirit of Shadow

SOFT, EARTHY AND WARM. Light and long-lasting, Spirit of Shadow is a delicate blend of jasmine, rose and vanilla resulting in a beautifully sweet women’s fragrance. This luxury perfume for women has a well-balanced finish.

Floral Musky fragrance

Top Notes

Bergamot, Rose

Middle Notes

White Flower, Peach

Base Notes

Sandalwood, Musk

Perfumers Notes

A floral fragrance combining jasmine with rose petals, blending soft vanilla and earthy sandalwood, hisbiscus on warm base of musk.

What People Are Saying

Fantastic. Holds the scent for a long time. My daughter-in-law was so impressed that she put in an order herself.

50ml PDT


First time buying this scent and I’m not disappointed gorgeous and lasts all day????

50ml PDT


i dont normaly like perfume but i love this one i would recommend this to anyone


50ml PDT


Luxury Perfumes Without The Luxury Prices

Luxury Quality

Affordable Prices

Made in England

Sold Worldwide

How do we do it? We have an uncompromised commitment to prioritising the perfume oil over branding, advertising and packaging. By focusing what goes inside the bottle rather than onto the boxing beyond, Milton-Lloyd are able to work with the world’s leading perfumers, using the finest quality oils at the highest concentrations to create luxury perfumes without the luxury prices...

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