Corporate Responsibility

Animal Testing

To the best of our knowledge, Milton-Lloyd fragrance compound ingredients do not contain any animal products or derivatives and have not been tested on any animal species. They can be used by vegetarians / vegans, but this product is not a flavour, therefore it is not suitable for ingestion.


Milton-Lloyd is a family business with a long and proud history. The Company has created and then sold high quality perfumes in markets around the world. In so doing, Milton-Lloyd believes in doing business both ethically and legally. In order to maintain these high standards, we have adopted various Policies incorporating:

  • Anti-Money Laundering;
  • Anti- Bribery and Corruption;
  • Anti-Tax Evasion;
  • Sanctions;

…which expressly set out the principles and standards which must guide the way the Company works and our relationships with third parties.

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